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The Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science- Technical University of Cluj-Napoca,
the Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science- “Babes-Bolyai” University

organize the Computer Science Students Conference 2021, on June 23, 2021. This year, the Conference will take place online, and the web address and access credentials will be communicated to all the participants immediately after the announcement of the Agenda in final form.

Students are invited to participate with original articles, which will be evaluated and selected for public presentation, as well as for further publication.
The papers must be submitted until the June 15, 2021, end of day, on the e-mail address, together with the Registration Form (see below).

The papers must respect the IEEE format, having no more than 6-8 pages, written in English.
After the evaluation process, the accepted papers will be presented according to the Program that will be announced in June 21, 2021.
Taking into account their scientific relevance, some papers will be considered for publication in scientific journals.
Contact person: Assoc. Professor, PhD Paulina Mitrea
Registration form template, to be downloaded: Registration_Form_2021

Conference Program

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Computer Science Students Conference 2020 AWARDS

Premiul I

Cristian Nitu : “Natural Language Understanding through Logical Word Puzzles

Topan Mihai , Radu-Marian Portase: “Behavioural Description Language

Laszlo Ciople : “Pandora UndeleteExt File Reco­very on ext3 and ext4 File Systems


Premiul II

Nicoleta-Teodora Vezan, Marian Georgiana, Frasie Alexandru : Enhancements on a Pipelined Approach for AMR parsing – UTCN

Bogdan Podaru: “Learning to cooperate Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Teofil Bodea : “Load Balancing Strategies and MLFQ Dynamic Priority Computation in Multiprocessor Systems

Edina Kando:Visual acuity prediction based on features extracted from optical coherence tomography using convolutional autoencoders


Premiul III

Ana Rednic, Septimiu Crisan:Design and Implementation of a Markings Assisted Guide Robot for Art Museums”

Andreea Ilies: “Understanding Cooking Recipes’ Structure using Grammars

Beatrice-Andreea Marginean: “Predicting Age-related Macular Degeneration evolution from OCT scans”

Attila- Balazs Kis: “CANComm: “ A Lightweight Automotive Network Simulator”

Andreea-Nicoleta Damsa: “Visual accuity analisys in relation with OCT data for AMD patients”



Paul Rednic:DanceSpace – A Social Media and Intelligent Learning Platform Mobile Application for the Dancing Community

Alexandru Motioc: “ Machine Learning in Detecting Customer Purchase Behavior”

Alina Somcutean:Find the Stars”

Andreea Pricopi:Predicting the Geoeffectiveness of CMEs Using Machine Learning”

Vlad Petrean: “LSTM V (S)ARIMA. A time series forecasting comparison”

Ioana Diana Muresan:Automated Vacuum Cleaner Robot”

Lucian Dorin Stroia:Management of a Park of Loanable Scooters”

Robert Varadi, Gabriel Rat: “Infrastructure for Capturing and Persisting Virtualization-Specific Events Triggered by In-Guest Process Executions for Behavioral-Based Analysis”