Continuous Education
Curricula (2004 - 2009)

BS Study Programms

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- BS in Computer Science - (8 semesters, Romanian and English teaching language classes)
- BS in Information Technology - (8 semesters Romanian teaching language classes)

MS in Computer Science Study Programms -(4 semesters, Romanian teaching language classes)

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- Communication Networks and Distributed Systems
- Artifficial Intelligence and Vision
- Software Engineering
- Information Technology applied in Economics
- Computer Engineering
- Complements of Computer Science
- Information and Computing System Security

Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) Study Programms (3 to 5 years)

- Ph.D. by research in: Computer Science, and Information Technology - Full time and part time programs

Continuous Education

- Cisco Networking Academy
- Microsoft IT Academy
- Basics of Programming

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